Next Steps:

 Before you can get place your order and get the fundraiser pricing you will need to create your username and password.

Your group gets to determine what scents and sizes you want to sell and how much you want to charge for the candles.  Go to either our Spring/Summer Fundraiser (roughly March - August) or Fall/Winter Fundraiser (roughly August - March) to get started.

1. Pick your scents from the available fragrances, we recommend 15 to 20 but you can do more or less if you like.  Just keep in mind, the more scents you choose the longer it will take us to get the order done and the more candle scents you will have to sort.

2. Pick your sizes, we recommend 1 to 2 different sizes.  The 26 oz size is by far the most popular followed by the 64 oz and then the 16 oz.

3. Decide how much you would like to charge for your candles.  

We have recommended selling prices to help guide you as follows;

    • 16 oz. $13 - $15
    • 26 oz. $16 - $18
    • 64 oz. $37 - $39
    • 70 oz. and pumpkins $38 - $42


You are welcome to charge more or less as long as you stay above the listed minimum price.

The minimum price that each size can be sold for is as follows;

    • 16 oz. $10.35
    • 26 oz. $13.50
    • 64 oz. $28.50
    • 70 oz. and pumpkins $31.30


4. Use this blank order sheet to enter your scents, sizes, and selling price, and print one out for each person selling.  If you would rather create your own order form to use, that is ok too.

5. Start your selling.  We recommend that you sell for between 2 to 3 weeks, you can go a longer if you like but those first customers may start to get antsy waiting for their candles to be delivered.  We suggest that you collect the money from your customers at the time of the purchase, if possible. IF THEY PAY WITH A CHECK, THEY MUST BE MADE OUT TO YOUR GROUP NOT KEYSTONE CANDLE.  We will NOT accept personal checks.

Once your sale is over, tally up your scents and sizes, log into the account you registered with, and place the order on our website.  When checking out, use PHONE ORDER as the payment method.  We do not require payment for the order until you come to pick up the candles.  Cash or credit card is preferred.  If you want to pay by check, that must be approved by us ahead of time.

How much is your profit?


Based on how many candles you sold and which sizes you chose you will end up in 1 of 3 different discount categories.

  • Category 3: which is 25.25% off of the regular website price
  • Category 2: which is 36.50% off of the regular website price
  • Category 1: which is 48% off of the regular website price


Category 16 oz. 26 oz. 64 oz. 70 oz. Pumpkins
Category 1 $7.20 $9.33 $19.76 $20.54 $21.71
Category 2 $8.79 $11.40 $24.13 $25.08 $26.51
Category 3 $10.35 $13.42 $28.41 $29.53 $31.21


Your profit will be the difference between the price you charge your customers and the amount you owe to us after the discount given on our website.

How do I know which category I am in?

The way that your discount category is determined is by the subtotal amount of your order.  Orders that are;

  • between $200 and $1054.99 are category 3  (ie. 12 to 58 of the 26 oz jars)
  • between $1055 and $2117.99 are category 2 (ie. 59 to 117 of the 26 oz jars)
  • $2118 or more are category 1 (ie. 118 of the 26 oz jars)


NOTE: to all the groups who have done fundraising with us in the past, these subtotal amounts look like a lot more than the old program.  This is because now the calculations are done based on our website prices which are higher than the old Base price system we used before.  You will notice that it still only takes 118 of the 26 oz jars to get into the category 1 discount which is still the same as the program from the past few years.

Do I have to pay PA sales tax?

You are required to pay the 6% PA sales tax unless you have a valid 8-digit PA sales tax exempt license number.  Even if you are a 501 3c nonprofit we will need that license number because you are reselling the product.  You can email us a copy of your tax-exempt certificate at which point we will be able to remove the tax from your order.

The Fundraising Department is available M-F 9-5, Saturday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, Closed Sunday.